How to wash your favourite pair of jeans

How to wash your favourite pair of jeans.png

It’s exciting when you find jeans that are just the right shade and the perfect fit. They end up becoming your favourite pair ever and you never think about the fact that one day they’ll fade, tear or fray. But a few months down the line, you might notice that they aren’t that blue anymore. The fabric over the knees is a little too close to tearing and the ends are fraying a little. Jeans typically last for a long time, however, it’s important to take good care of them so that they aren’t out of action earlier than expected. Today we’ll talk about taking care of your favourite jeans.

  • Washing

Washing jeans is a tricky subject. They can be washed anytime between once in two months to a year (yeah, I was surprised too!). When you do wash them, make sure you turn them inside out, unroll the cuffs, and check all the pockets before you put them in. Wash your jeans in cold water and use a mild detergent. Harsh soaps can cause the colour to wash out faster.

  • Drying

Never put your jeans in the dryer. This might damage the fabric, and it’ll fray faster. Tumble drying can cause the material to shrink. Air drying might take time, but it’s the best option. Make sure you dry them inside out and out of the sun to keep the colour from fading!

  • Spot Clean

If you don’t wash your jeans too often and you happen to spill something on them, you can always spot clean with a mild soap and a toothbrush or a damp cloth.

  • Odor

Kill odour causing bacteria by putting the jeans in a ziplock bag and placing them in the freezer overnight or for 24 hours. This will get rid of the nasty smells.

  • Storage

Instead of hanging them up, it’s best to store jeans neatly folded in your wardrobe to keep their shape and avoid unnecessary creases.  

In short, despite being long lasting, jeans can last even longer than usual if you follow a particular routine. To keep your jeans looking fresh and crisp, it’s important to take care of the way you wash and store them. This will have the indigo in your jeans last you a very long time.


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