Laundry Made Easy


Laundry day! Does that fill you with excitement? Nah? Yeah, we understand. Doing the laundry is a tedious chore, but it’s a necessity. Living in Mumbai, you’re exposed to hot, sweat inducing-weather, strong smells, and smoke. So, you can’t really not do the laundry. However, fret not, my friend, we have come up with a list of ways to make it less of a chore. We present you some wonderful tried and tested laundry tips to make your laundry day easier!

Much like all other chores, timely prep and quick action is the key. Read on to see how you can make doing the laundry easier.

  • Break it into smaller tasks

It’s easy to ignore a pile of dirty clothes for the first few days but then it transforms into a much bigger pile, and you realise that you’re out of clean underwear for the week and it’s only Tuesday. It is much more efficient to break laundry into smaller tasks. Set up a fixed schedule for washing different things on different days. For example, bedsheets on Saturdays, light clothes on Fridays and dark ones on Sundays, dishcloths on Tuesdays, etc. And follow that schedule to avoid that dreaded enormous pile of dirty laundry.

  • Sort clothes

It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again, “Sort your clothes!!” Keep two separate hampers for light and dark clothes so that you don’t have to do the sorting in a hurry before the wash. Colour bleeding is not fun.

  • Deep clean your washing machine once a month

Detergent, bacteria, certain smells might get left behind in your washing machine leading to mould and other nasty things. It’s important to run an empty cycle on the hottest setting with a cup of vinegar to properly clean the washing machine. If you own a dryer, it’s essential to clean out the lint trap to avoid the possibility of a fire.

  • Wash your clothes less often

Clothes like jeans, bras, jackets, pyjamas don’t have to be washed after every wear. Reduce the load on your washing machine by washing them after every 3 to 4 wears.

  • Pre-treat stains

Number one rule of stain removal: Always pre-treat the stain. Quick action will lead the stain to come out in the wash easily. Saturate the stain with equal parts water and white vinegar before washing. It is possible to pre-treat stains days before washing.

  • Wash socks in a mesh bag

Tired of losing socks in the wash? Pop them all into a mesh laundry bag (or a pillow cover) before putting them in the wash.

  • Pay attention to clothing tags

It is always good to be safe than sorry. Take note of what your clothing label says so that you can wash them accordingly.

  • Fold, fold, fold

Fold your laundry as soon as it’s done drying!! Don’t leave it in the dryer. Leaving it in the dryer might cause it the smell musty, undoing all your hard work. Also, it’s easier to get rid of wrinkles when clothes are folded or stored right out of the dryer.

Just remember, sticking to a schedule and a little persistence can go a long way. Remember these laundry tips, and you’ll get through your next laundry day like a breeze!


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